Clear Aligners in Orlando, FL

What is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Clear orthodontic aligners are removable, transparent appliances that straighten your teeth without fixed wires or brackets. Instead, a series of clear trays gently nudge your smile into the desired alignment.

Clear Aligners in Orlando, FL – Illume Dental Studio

How It Works

Digitally Mapped Design

Aligner systems like SureSmile use 3D digital imaging and modeling to pre-plan your tooth movement and ideal smile alignment.

Custom Trays You Change At Home

Each set of alignment trays is digitally printed to precisely fit your smile. As you replace them with the next in the series, your teeth gradually move into the desired position.

Proven Results

Your treatment starts with a consultation and digital imaging to assess your suitability for clear aligners. If suitable, you will begin treatment and return a few weeks later to have your aligners fitted.

Types of Clear Aligners We Offer

Dr. Do offers SureSmile orthodontic aligners at our Baldwin Park office. SureSmile is a leading brand in invisible braces, providing a comparable alternative to Invisalign. SureSmile offers effective treatment at a more competitive price point for our patients.

Clear Aligner Therapy F.A.Q.

How do Clear Aligners work?

Clear aligners progressively shift your teeth into the desired position through a series of custom-fitted trays, each slightly different from the last. You'll switch to a new set every two weeks, gently nudging your teeth closer to their ideal alignment.

Are Clear Aligners safe?

Absolutely. Each aligner is made from BPA-free plastic and custom-fitted to the individual to prevent any irritation to your smile.

Are Clear Aligners faster than Traditional Braces?

For some people, yes, invisible aligners work more quickly than conventional braces. Especially when you wear your orthodontic trays as directed. We can provide you with an estimated timeframe during your orthodontic screening and exam.

What is the difference between Clear Aligner Therapy and Traditional Braces?

Clear aligners are more discreet, comfortable, and easier to care for than conventional braces. Since there are no fixed appliances, you can remove your orthodontic aligners during meals and eat whatever you want to. Home care is just as easy!

How much do Clear Aligners cost?

The cost of every clear aligner treatment varies from person to person, depending on the brand of braces they choose and the length of their treatment. Some people may only need aligners for six months, while others need them for 18, which can influence the cost. Our Baldwin Park dentist will provide you with an estimate during your initial consultation.

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