Emergency Dentist in Orlando, FL

Prompt Care for Dental Discomfort and Emergencies

Dental emergencies tend to happen when you least expect them. They can range from painful toothaches to broken or knocked-out teeth. Our emergency dentist in Baldwin Park makes it a priority to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

If you’re experiencing pain, facial swelling, or are unable to go to work or school, you should see a dentist the same day if possible.

Dental Emergency in Orlando, FL – Illume Dental Studio

What to do during a Dental eMERGENCY?

Stay Calm

Remaining calm, taking deep breaths, and staying composed can help you assess and explain the situation clearly to your dentist.

Address Bleeding

Apply firm pressure to the area until bleeding stops. If bleeding is severe, head to the emergency room.

Pain & Swelling

For mild to moderate swelling, apply a cold compress and take ibuprofen as directed. If swelling is severe, go to the emergency room.

Call Us Immediately

The sooner you contact our office, the quicker Dr. Do can attend to you.

Get Immediate Dental Care

Dental emergencies don’t resolve themselves on their own, and hospitals aren’t equipped to manage issues like broken or abscessed teeth. At Illume Dental Studio, we tailor our care to your specific emergency, focusing on getting you out of pain quickly and discussing what options are available to restore your smile, such as fillings, extractions, root canals, or bonding. Seeking emergency dental treatment promptly can lead to less invasive restorative procedures, preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Dental Emergencies F.A.Q.

What should I do if I've Knocked-Out a Tooth?

If you have a knocked-out tooth, gently rinse it with water, taking care to hold it by the crown, not the root. If possible, reinsert the tooth back into its socket and hold it in place by gently biting down on a clean cloth. If reinsertion isn't possible, store the tooth in a small container filled with milk, saline solution, or saliva to keep it moist. It’s crucial to act quickly—ideally, you should get to a dentist within 30 minutes to maximize the chances of successful reimplantation.

What should I do if my dental work has fallen out?

Do not chew with or bite down on that tooth. Crowns can sometimes be reattached if there is no active decay on the tooth, but fillings cannot. It’s important to have the tooth re-treated as quickly as possible before additional tooth structures become involved.

What should I do about a toothache?

Contact our office to request an exam. In the meantime, take ibuprofen as directed, rinse with warm salt water as needed, and consider applying a cold compress to that side of your mouth.

What should I do about a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth?

Broken tooth fragments can sometimes be re-bonded back to the tooth if we see you quickly enough. For best results, you’ll need to see Dr. Do within the next 1-2 hours.

What should I do about a loose tooth?

Avoid chewing or biting down on your tooth and do not wiggle it. Visit us as quickly as possible.

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